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July 08, 2005

Lady Sov to Greg Kot: I roll on a bicycle

The scouting report on Lady Sovereign: She's a girl, from London, 19 years old and 5 feet tall. Oh and she signed a big-money worldwide record deal with Universal this year, and if you wanna battle, well, bring it on.

The latest in the line of Brit MCs to fire up the hype machine (Mike Skinner, Dizzee Rascal, MIA, Wiley), Sov makes her debut in the Chi tonight at Sonotheque. The gig is yet another from the Biz 3 promo crew, whose Damon Locks and Ben Fasman will join Johnny Herndon from Tortoise on the tables.

In today's Trib, Lady Sov tells Greg Kot she dropped a portion of her Uni bank on new wheels. Forget the Sprees and 24s, though, Sov's style is Schwinn.

July 07, 2005

Reggaeton radio

Robert Feder in today's Sun-Times:
Univision Radio is pulling the plug on "Viva," the Spanish-language pop/rock simulcast on WVIX-FM (93.5) and WVIV-FM (103.1).

As of midnight tonight, the two stations will be transformed into "La Kalle," airing a high-energy version of reggaeton dance music geared to listeners between the ages of 18 and 34.

"We are excited to launch 'La Kalle' to meet the needs of the younger Hispanics in the Chicago area," said Gary Stone, senior vice president and chief operating officer of Univision Radio. "Our research demonstrated a strong desire for a reggaeton-formatted station, and we have delivered."

Reggaeton originated in Puerto Rico and combines Latin tropical sounds, Jamaican reggae music and hip-hop.

On-air personnel is expected to remain the same.
View the Viva page here. Its content hasn't yet been converted to reflect the format change.

Update: I just learned the ugliest new made-up marketing term to befoul the English language, possibly ever: Hurban. Thanks, corporate commercial radio doodz.

July 06, 2005

Looking Ahead To September...

...CMJ's 25th Anniversary Music Marathon is taking place from 9/14-17 this year. The first slew of bands have been announced, and Chicago acts include:

Catfish Haven, Devin Davis, Head of Femur, Pit Er Pat, The Reputation, Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Troubled Hubble

Latest Illinoise

We're up to 41 listings on eBay. And the new cover has a gaping hole in the skyline

July 05, 2005

We Want To Feel The Illinoise....It Just Might Not Be Today

Posted By Lazlo Hollyfeld

See the image below for the reason why. Quoting Sufjan Steven's record label (Asthmatic Kitty), "unfortunately we've had to stop selling Illinois due to an legal issue concerning the artwork." Seems the people at DC Comics (and parent company AOL Time Warner) don't take too kindly to you putting the image of one of their most valued properties (Superman) on the cover of your album without asking.

Since the label has "requested" that retailers cease selling the album until the issue has been resolved, Lazlo plans on ducking out early for lunch to see if he can pick up a copy w/ the original artwork still on the shelves somewhere. It's possible word doesn't travel that fast coming off a holiday least that's what we're hoping.

Update: Lazlo was able to find a copy w/ the superhero on the cover on the shelf at a local retailer. And people are already rushing to sell 'em on eBay, like this joker asking for $75 for his copy.

Update II: Below is the copy Jack just bought at an independent record store in the Loop. There were three more on the end cap alone.

Happy summatime, peoples!

Yeah, we're back from one long hot weekend in the Chi city, hitting it up bloggy style for you this early morning. To start you off slow, tune in to WBEZ's Eight Forty-Eight program today at 9:35 am CDT to hear guest Sufjan Stevens talk about his latest slab, the Prairie State mash note Come On Feel the Illinoise.