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May 27, 2005

Thax Douglas launches on Wilco (?!)

If this is real, it is sad.

Cool event tonite at Open End

Tonight - Friday, 5/27 - the Open End Gallery hosts Up Our Sleeve, an exhibition of more than 500 unique artworks that use blank 12-inch album covers as their canvas.

Says the project's Web site: "Music memories, paper, paint, ink, ribbons, paste, plastic, photos, metal, vinyl, trains, tape, mannequin heads, and magic. Out of wartime and low cash woes came inspiration for united creativity. We distributed hundreds of blank 12" record sleeves to our artistic friends who passed them onto their pals and on and on. ... Most often album covers are made to match existing music. UP OUR SLEEVE flips this paradigm. The pieces are influenced by music genres and albums while existing free of specific attachment."

Organizers promise lots of deejay goodness in addition to the pretty pictures. More info at the above site, advance tix here.

May 26, 2005


Prepare for sensitive soul overload: John Legend, Common, De La Soul, Rahzel (8/1, HOB)

May 24, 2005


Dear Pop Geeks of Chicago,

I will spin records and sing for you on Thursday, June 30, at Sonotheque.



Newly added to the Chicagopalooza roster: Derrick Carter, Dandy Warhols, Hard-Fi, Gwendolyn & The Good Time Gang, the Quest Theatre Ensemble, Daddy A Go Go, Candy Band and the DJ Muggs Mash-Up Circus.

Oh yeah. Where do I line up to part with my 115 bucks now?

In other news, this San Diego festival is kicking some Lollapa-Azz. May we suggest a new Lollapa-slogan: Half the talent for twice the price!

May 23, 2005

Bad People

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Even though I have no interest in buying the album, it's always heartening to have Billy Corgan out promoting something....because you get good stuff like this exchange in Entertainment Weekly:

EW: Which of your two bands is more likely to reunite?
CORGAN: Pumpkins. You'll never see Zwan. I'll never go anywhere near those people. Ever. I mean, I detest them. You can put that in capital letters. Bad people. James and D'Arcy are good people. They might be misguided people, but they're good people.

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