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April 01, 2005

Happy weekend

So you're probably thinking we're scarce today 'cause, like, we're fools and it's our national holiday. That may be so, but we're also zonked, and hey, the blog don't pay.

Anyway, just wanted to say that March was a really excellent month for our readership stats (yeah, we're geeks), so thanks to everyone for reading and for participating. We really don't tell you often enough: Chicagomuzik loves you, baby.

So that's it for now. Surf on over to the Reader site and check out Bob Mehr's column, which is packed with news this week, or peep the newly "live" (but still detail-less) Chicagopalooza Web locale.

We'll be back Monday with, among other things, an alternative to New City's Music 45. (Speaking of: #30, right on!)

March 31, 2005


This Saturday (4/2), the Hideout will host a musical performance from Jon Langford.

And that's news, you ask?

Yes it is, we reply, at least when Jonboy's set is followed by an unbilled headliner known for songs about giant insects, ocelots, trilobites, and men with lightbulbs where their heads should be.

Chicagopalooza, in the eyes of the scribes

A day after news broke of plans to place Lollapalooza in Grant Park this summer, the local papers chip in with their views:

"[T]he two-day rock concert--a "softer, tamer" version of the landmark alternative-rock festival of the early `90s, according to a city official--is still several steps from becoming a reality," Greg Kot writes.

"A source familiar with the Lollapalooza proposal said plans call for as many as four stages hosting cutting-edge rock bands, plus a rave dance tent," Jim DeRogatis reports. He also quotes a "concert industry insider" (and who wants to bet it's somebody from Jam?) as saying that "These promoters have no idea of the amount of aggravation involved in working with the city to do anything like this in Grant Park."

In other news, some rag ripped our headline.

March 30, 2005


We've been hearing rumors and whispers of this for weeks (if not months) now, but thanks to what looks like a strategic (ie, hype-inducing) leak to Chris Morris, word is finally out:

"Lollapalooza -- a marquee touring festival of the 1990s that fell on commercial hard times last year -- is returning this year in drastically scaled-down form. Lollapalooza '05 will run July 23-24 in Chicago's Grant Park. The band lineup will not be announced until the third week in April. The festival Web site will go live Friday." - Reuters/The Hollywood Reporter

While founder Perry Farrell is said to be a consultant, the real muscle behind the festival is Capital Sports and Entertainment, an Austin, Texas firm that promotes the annual Austin City Limits festival.

A couple of observations: This news cannot be well-received by Jam, which the city snubbed in favor of Clear Channel in granting rights to run the planned Northerly Island venue. In 2001 the local firm promoted the hugely successful Radiohead show at Grant Park's Hutchinson Field, but appears to have been locked out by the city ever since.

Also, if you're already planning to attend the Pitchfork Intonation Festival set for one weekend before Chicagopalooza, well, better start doing your sun dance - not to mention resting up - now.

Update: According to, Chicagopalooza is intended as "a 'destination' festival on a par with Coachella and Bonnaroo." Somehow, we doubt it.

Update II: " has learned that Beck, the Killers, Kings Of Leon and Widespread Panic are among the bands being eyed to appear."

March 29, 2005

Do doc the rock

The third annual Chicago International Documentary Festival opens this Friday, 4/1, and runs on eight area screens through next Sunday, 4/10. Music-related offerings include two showings of the Gram Parsons-themed Fallen Angel and, as part of a Maysles tribute, the classic Stones celluloid Gimme Shelter.

Make your own buzz

So we totally missed that corporate Metromix local band poll last week or whenever. Make up for it by clicking over to Gapers Block, where the current topic of discussion is your favorite Chicago performers.


New at Double Door: The Ponys (CD release, 4/29), Split Lip Rayfield (6/10).

New at Metro: Hey Mercedes (4/23), LCD Soundsystem w/ M.I.A. (5/19), Pinback (5/31), Motion City Soundtrack (6/8).

New at Schubas: The M's DJ set (5/7, upstairs), Tift Merritt (5/10 with Nora O'Connor and 5/11 with the Healthy White Baby), Mary Timony (5/23), Hanalei w/ Graham Smith and others (5/28), the Like Young (5/29).

Rock Talk Alert

Tonight on Sound Opinions: Moby's in the studio to talk about his new album "Hotel."

March 28, 2005

Weekend in reviews

Jim DeRogatis: "At its best, the reunited underground alt-rock band Slint is like the ocean: alternately lulling and hypnotizing as it laps at your feet, or frighteningly powerful as it smashes into you with cascading fury. At its worst -- which was about half of its 12-song, no-encore set Thursday at Metro, the first of three sold-out shows in Chicago -- Slint is a soggy bore."

Greg Kot: Slint's Friday show was "pretentious, at times more than a little precious, and yet strangely powerful and unsettling at its peak moments. ... Slint's off-putting demeanor fit the musical vibe: uneasy, anxious, troubled."

Kevin McKeough: "While some bands rock the dance floor, Orchestra Baobab set listeners gently swaying with music at once laid back and insistent, as sultry as tropical heat and as cool as chilled rum." [Friday at Hothouse]

The end of Austin

These should be the last of the SXSW 05 recaps: Two pieces from the suburban Pioneer Press papers, and one from the Sun-Times.