I've got a whole city to hold down

August 05, 2005

Zine scene

Back before there were blogs, kids, there were zines. And they were good.

Recent haps on the Chicago zine scene:

There's a new edition of Galactic Zoo Dossier, mostly authored by Mister Plastic Crimewave (of psych outfit Plastic Crimewave Sound, acourse, and also those way-cool little comix lately buried in the Reader's section four, the ones about obscure old local musicians). You can buy it from Drag City, or at next week's Empty Bottle release party where Oneida, Kinski and the Crimewave are slated to play (8/17).

In other news, the whippersnapper mag Love, Chicago has gone electron. They're taking the local angle on writing about music, fashion, art and drinking (and really, what else is there?) at

Finally but not leastly, that low hum you hear is the stealthy approach of Hit It Or Quit It #18. The Jessica Hopper-helmed zine promises to pop off on Miranda July, the Hold Steady and, like, other stuff.