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July 29, 2005

The long goodbye

More on the Velvet Lounge, from John Litweiler in today's Sun-Times:
Is there hope for the Velvet Lounge? Yes, indeed. The landlord has offered [proprietor Fred] Anderson a new location nearby on Cermak. The Chicago jazz community has pitched in to raise money to help the Velvet make the move. Several other jazz clubs have held fund-raisers, and several Web sites, most notably [direct link above], are soliciting donations. ...

Anderson said he needs to raise at least $70,000 to move the Velvet; so far, according to the club's Web site, $17,000 has been raised.

For now, he'll still have music at 2128½ S. Indiana, at least until the next Chicago Jazz Festival beginning Sept. 1, when the club will hold late-show fund-raisers. After that, nobody knows how long it will continue to be open there.
Anderson plays at the club at 8:00 tonight (7/29).