I've got a whole city to hold down

July 18, 2005

Intonation in review

Coverage of the Pitchfork-curated Intonation Festival: Chicagoist nails the vibe in words and pictures; then there's the Tribune, Sun-Times, Popdork rapscribe Tom Breihan's blog (Day One and Two), and more to come.

Drop your thoughts on the weekend in the comments.

Update: Intonation gets the Kelefa Sanneh treatment. Also, an NYT slideshow with the Wrens, Deerhoof, Broken Social Scene, Out Hud and the Decemberists.

Update II: Fluxblog chimes in. And now for a friendly challenge from your boy Jack Flack to Fluxmaster Matthew Perpetua: What better way to redeem yourself for overlooking the M's (who, Perpetua writes, "didn't get as much attention from [him] as they deserved") than posting one of their tracks to your terrific site? (We recommend "Break Our Bones," by the way.)

Update III: The Sun-Times on Day Two.

Update IV: Pitchfork, review thyself: Parts one, two, three, four.

Update V: Put on your impenetrable-prose nightvision goggles and prepare to reckon wit tha Village Voice.

Update VI: Bloggeration from Stylus contributor/Canasta member John Cunningham, Philly writer/deejay/promoter type Maria Sciarrino, professional Popdork Sean Fennessy ... while some guy named Jon Monteverde cops a Chimzk pose and takes down all three Sun-Times and Trib reviews. (Aside: Where the FUCK is the Daily Herald in all this? I mean Arlington Heights is real far from Union Park and all, but how does Kelefa Sanneh make the scene but Mark Guarino can't manage the commute?)