I've got a whole city to hold down

June 21, 2005

Desperate times, apparently.

Maybe you heard about the full-page ad for the new Billy Corgan album in today's Tribune.

Oh but it's not an ad! you say. Well, right. It's a letter! A letter just to you, dear Chicago person, from Billy hisownself. He wants you, personally, to know he's getting back together with Smashing Pumpkins. Maybe. Or something.

Those who missed it can click here to view a PDF of the ad. Or don't, 'cause as a public service to the loyal Chicagomuzikblog readership, we're offering an exclusive synopsis of the ad, helpfully translated from Corganese to English:

Hey! Me! Me! Look at me! Hey! Guys! Over here! Remember me? It's Billy! Guys? Hey!