I've got a whole city to hold down

June 06, 2005

Beat em at they own game

So Pitchfork tried to get back in the game today with a morsel of Intonation Festival news. Sorry fellas, we're running this one.

The morsel: They've added two bands to the lineup, Pelican and the Hold Steady.

Well we told you the Hold Steady before. So Pelican is legitimately new.

Now as Mike Skinner says, let's push things forward. We'll tell ya that, per the band's site, Thunderbirds Are Now are on the festival too.

Also, the keen-eyed reader will notice that in today's Pee-Fork update, Beans has magically disappeared from the roster.

So near as we can figure them, the current lineups (in order of performance) are:
July 16 - Head of Femur, Pelican, the M's, AC Newman, Magnolia Electric Company, Four Tet, Broken Social Scene, the Go Team!, Death from Above 1979 and Tortoise. DJs: Will Oldham, Jean Grae, more TBA
July 17 - Dungen, Xiu Xiu, Out Hud, Andrew Bird, the Hold Steady, Deerhoof, the Wrens, Les Savy Fav and the Decemberists, plus Thunderbirds Are Now tossed in there somewhere. DJs: Dungen, more TBA

So yeah. Since we're now up to 10 bands on each day, here's guessing that's it, save for the deejay scoop. (If you need: the Intonation site.)