I've got a whole city to hold down

June 09, 2005

All things Waco

It's Waco World, you're just living in it.

Per Jon Langford:

"Monstrous Dinosaurs of alt-country The Waco Brothers play Chicago's Field Museum [tonight, 6/9] at 7pm. As well as the usual stuffed mammoths and giant clockwork mole crickets, the museum will play host to vast herds of horny young Chicago professionals who will dance, drink, and 'play the field!'"

Then, coming Aug. 16 to ye olde recorde shoppe near you, it's Freedom and Weep, the band's seventh disc.

Per hype that could only roll from the tongue of a Bloodshot flak, it's "a decidedly rockin addition to their formidable canon, a swaggering return to form that hits all your g-spots and leaves you panting." They promise "cuts about crafty little Christians dismantling democracy, going for a drink, golfers disguised as national leaders, appearing stupider than you really are, watching your carbs the night before they strap you to the gurney, election night jitters, and models throwing themselves out of first floor Motel 6 windows."

And, finally, Mr Waco hisownself is pimping a new collab with Richard Buckner via the homegrown Buried Treasure Records - from whence we swiped a toon that tells the tale better than we could ever hope.

(Click the pic and be transported by the miracle of the Internets - that or the hamster wheel that keeps your hard-drive working)