I've got a whole city to hold down

May 09, 2005

Weekend in reviews

U2 at the United Center (Saturday)
"It appears U2 is falling into the same trap as the Rolling Stones: Charging big money for a stadium show obligates the band to turn into a hits jukebox. ... Now the band sounds like it believes less in its ability to surprise and dazzle with its new music, and more in the necessity to recycle its past." Greg Kot

"As a fan who's seen the group a dozen times and who ranks 1992's Zoo TV tour on the short list of the best concerts I've ever experienced, U2 has never seemed as pointlessly pretentious and preachy." Jim DeRogatis

"They remain a global band shouldering great weight in every move. But nesting on the inside track, they feel compromised, tired and confused." Mark Guarino

Coldplay at Metro (Friday)
"What a band." Greg Kot

"It is easy to see what Gwyneth and so many others love." Jim DeRogatis

"Martin often made a point of singing his most romantic lyrics directly up to Paltrow. ... the chance to be the couple’s voyeur for a night was a rare treat." Mark Guarino

(Yeah, the lads really brought out the best in our scribes.)

Nine Inch Nails at the Congress (Friday)
"[T]he venue's sound system failed, reducing the band to an awkward pantomime and leaving all but those closest to the stage monitors scratching their heads, confused. Reznor expressed his dissatisfaction with a string of expletives before he and the band stomped off.

"The set resumed after a 20-minute delay, and the imposingly buff Reznor — rarely in the best of moods when stalking the stage — was seriously annoyed. Rather than start where they left off, the group plowed into 'Wish' and 'March of the Pigs,' two of the angriest songs in Nine Inch Nails' vast catalog of angry songs, while Reznor, white shirt stained with what looked like blood, took his aggression out on various roadies, instruments and himself." Josh Klein

"Though major technical difficulties ensued after only one song, Trent Reznor's 2005 version of Nine Inch Nails persevered" Dave Hofer