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May 27, 2005

Cool event tonite at Open End

Tonight - Friday, 5/27 - the Open End Gallery hosts Up Our Sleeve, an exhibition of more than 500 unique artworks that use blank 12-inch album covers as their canvas.

Says the project's Web site: "Music memories, paper, paint, ink, ribbons, paste, plastic, photos, metal, vinyl, trains, tape, mannequin heads, and magic. Out of wartime and low cash woes came inspiration for united creativity. We distributed hundreds of blank 12" record sleeves to our artistic friends who passed them onto their pals and on and on. ... Most often album covers are made to match existing music. UP OUR SLEEVE flips this paradigm. The pieces are influenced by music genres and albums while existing free of specific attachment."

Organizers promise lots of deejay goodness in addition to the pretty pictures. More info at the above site, advance tix here.