I've got a whole city to hold down

March 28, 2005

Weekend in reviews

Jim DeRogatis: "At its best, the reunited underground alt-rock band Slint is like the ocean: alternately lulling and hypnotizing as it laps at your feet, or frighteningly powerful as it smashes into you with cascading fury. At its worst -- which was about half of its 12-song, no-encore set Thursday at Metro, the first of three sold-out shows in Chicago -- Slint is a soggy bore."

Greg Kot: Slint's Friday show was "pretentious, at times more than a little precious, and yet strangely powerful and unsettling at its peak moments. ... Slint's off-putting demeanor fit the musical vibe: uneasy, anxious, troubled."

Kevin McKeough: "While some bands rock the dance floor, Orchestra Baobab set listeners gently swaying with music at once laid back and insistent, as sultry as tropical heat and as cool as chilled rum." [Friday at Hothouse]