I've got a whole city to hold down

March 21, 2005

Texas takes

Your boys Jack and Lazlo are back from Austin, Texas, and the South by Southwest music festival/industry schmooze. We'll post some retrospective thoughts here as the haze recedes, but for now, let's check what the official types have to say.

Jim DeRogatis set the table with this piece Friday, covering the basics and reporting from the conference keynote. It featured words from Robert Plant and music by our own civic treasure Mavis Staples.

He follows up with a recap in today's Sun-Times. Locals mentioned: Redwalls, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex.

Greg Kot's overview in today's Trib offers his view of several of the week's buzz bands alongside some of his sleeper picks. Local props go to Pelican.

Update: SXSW is the focus of this week's Sound Opinions. Wanna bet they play M.I.A.? Find out Tuesday night at 10 pm on XRT.