I've got a whole city to hold down

March 22, 2005

King for a day

A world in which a multi-million-dollar, multi-state corporate concert promoter is an underdog hero is a weird world indeed. But that's exactly the world we're living in, as yesterday Chicago's homegrown Jam USA (parent of Jam Productions, Jam Sports and other concerns) prevailed over the communications/music megalith Clear Channel Communications in court - and won a cool $90 million in the process. The beef? Who gets to promote motocross races.

Anyway, don't expect to see Jam honchos Jerry Mickelson and Arnie Granat fronting fresh bling around the Old Town offices anytime soon (after all, endless appeals are likely pending) but we'd say a little Cristal-sippin' would mos def be in order. The decision is a crucial blow on behalf of the little guy - or, as an organ no less staid than the New York Times notes, Clear Channel's long-suffering competitors may finally sense "blood in the water."