I've got a whole city to hold down

March 31, 2005

Chicagopalooza, in the eyes of the scribes

A day after news broke of plans to place Lollapalooza in Grant Park this summer, the local papers chip in with their views:

"[T]he two-day rock concert--a "softer, tamer" version of the landmark alternative-rock festival of the early `90s, according to a city official--is still several steps from becoming a reality," Greg Kot writes.

"A source familiar with the Lollapalooza proposal said plans call for as many as four stages hosting cutting-edge rock bands, plus a rave dance tent," Jim DeRogatis reports. He also quotes a "concert industry insider" (and who wants to bet it's somebody from Jam?) as saying that "These promoters have no idea of the amount of aggravation involved in working with the city to do anything like this in Grant Park."

In other news, some rag ripped our headline.