I've got a whole city to hold down

March 25, 2005

Austin leftovers

It's been about a week now since South by Southwest, and the fatigue is slowly slipping from our bones. Give us a good weekend in front of six basketball games, plus a bag of jelly beans (that's the sum of our easter observance, though we almost bought that giant cross-shaped cake at Jewel just for being so wrong) and we'll be feeling much better.

We are, however, feeling good enough at this very moment to give you our official Chicagomuzik blog SXSW scorecard. In all, your boys Jack and Lazlo saw 106 sets by 101 acts hailing from 13 countries. As for Chicagoans, we saw the Zincs, David Singer and the M's.

Singer's set should have been recorded and shown to the front man of any band thinking about making the trip solo rather than with his crew. There is simply no way to have success as a guy-with-guitar act at SXSW - unless, of course, you are Mary Lou Lord and busking on Sixth.

Unluckily, solo acoustic is also the context in which we saw Jim Elkington of the Zincs. He played some band gigs in Austin as well, but we only caught a last-minute party slot, which was nice enough but not reflective of his new record on Thrill Jockey.

As for the M's, two words will suffice: "packed" and "fantastic." If things break right on the biz side, the record they're shopping might really turn some heads. The songs are there, they've found a real comfort level on the stage, and they're tighter every time we see them.

Finally, and before we forget, here's a pair of Austin articles by Mark Guarino (a general overview) and Bob Mehr (on the waxing fortunes of Champaign's the Living Blue).