I've got a whole city to hold down

March 11, 2005

All apologies

We admit, the blog's been looking kinda lonely lately.

That's not because there's nothing going on - what with last week's launch of Time Out Chicago, dueling Ashlee Simpson reviews in all three papers, DeRo's "I Hate the 80s" bromide, notable new radio shows in BEZ's Encanta Latina and XRT's Eclectic Company, a gang of chatworthy recent and upcoming gigs, Jeff Chang's local readings, a new music editor at the Sun-Times, the WLUW budget stuff we've been promising to look into, the Thrill Jockey DVD launch and massive Tower Records in-store we missed completely last weekend, another Biz 3 party at Sonotheque tonight, SXSW right around the corner and (pant pant) more.

Honestly the neglect is owed to the fact that your man Jack's real life has demonstrated a great propensity to intervene with blog life lately. Hopefully this will let up soon - and if we're all lucky maybe we'll post on a few of the above topics over the weekend.

In the meantime, don't forget the comments section. By all means, light it up.