I've got a whole city to hold down

January 28, 2005

Woolworthy adieu

At the recommendation of longtime loyal reader Tankboy, check out tonight's goodbye gig from veteran local pop outfit Woolworthy. But you don't have to take Tank's word for it - here's what Dave Chamberlain had to say in this week's New City:

Tonight represents your last chance to see one of the city's longest-running bands play--after ten years, the lads in Woolworthy have decided to finish it all up. Once upon a time, I described Woolworthy as "sparkling Q101 material," and although it sounds--in retrospect--like I was slamming the boys, I didn't mean to. Formed from members of Loud Lucy, Caviar, and Verbow, Woolworthy's two records beg the question: just what does it take to make it in the music world? Sharp pop music set to an aggressive slant and with mile-wide hooks (think a less righteous, later-era 7 Seconds, or even Green Day to an extent) the band is a bit of a Chicago throwback, before the crystallization of the cold indie-rock world and before the no-abandon garage bands unified and started packing shows en mass [sic]. Woolworthy almost feels like the last of the golden-age dinosaurs, when bands like Material Issue were plugging out quirky pop with the hope of gaining national recognition. And it always felt like it would be around. But alas, after tonight, it is no more. Cheers, gentlemen, to a battle well fought.

And Mark Guarino in the Daily Herald:

Woolworthy, Chicago regulars for 10 years, are no more after this farewell show to feature songs from their three albums, all consistent in the great Midwestern pop punk tradition of Cheap Trick, Husker Du and the Replacements. Opener Cisco Pike features band admirers Scott Lucas of Local H and members of the Cells.

You can earhole a couple MP3s at the Myspace site linked above. Tonight's gig is at the Double Door.