I've got a whole city to hold down

January 25, 2005

What the world needs now ... (Part II)

... is not a wannabe MC from the West Side with a Muslim-sounding name, posing for publicity photos in a get-up that's supposed to look like a suicide bomber.

In Sosa Q'uran, we're getting it all the same.

You might recognize the name from a recent Crain's article on label sharks swimming in local rap waters.

To see the suicide-bomber pix, navigate to the site of Q'uran's label, Music Affiliated, click 'Photos' on the bottom right, then click on the thumbnails (Q'uran's the guy on the right).

Maybe playing terrorist dress-up is just a natural evolutionary step for entertainers who want to shock us into thinking they're worthy of attention. And of course everyone has an inalienable right to be a jackass. Either way, though, strapping a few phony sticks of dynamite to your torso and posing for the camera strikes me as exceedingly poor taste.

Peep the pix, then tell me if I'm over-reacting.