I've got a whole city to hold down

January 11, 2005

Take all the time you need

First the local boys over at Pitchfork asked to buy another week of Christmas vacation 'cause their redesign wasn't ready yet. Now it's 10:30 am in Chicago on the morning the new site was promised to launch ... but do you know where your Pitchfork is? We don't, 'cause the old site's still sitting there, trapped in digital amber.

Meanwhile, in dorm rooms nationwide, suspense hangs in the air like the smell of old bananas ...

Update: The site now reads "We'll see you Tuesday, January 11!" Ho-kay.

Update II: Here we are on Tuesday, January 11. And the Pitchfork site reads ... "the redesign remains only about 85% complete." They "hope" it will be ready to roll out "soon," but have decided to "delay the relaunch until further notice."

Like we said, take all the time you need.

Update III: Pitchfork blames the delay on a "freelance programmer who worked until the 11th hour with no indication that he was going to up and fuck off and drop off the face of the earth" - this according to managing editor Scott Plangenhoef on the I Love Music board.

"The thing I'd like to stress to [honcho] Ryan [Schreiber] about all of this is not announcing crap on the site in advance of it actually happening," Plangenhoef continues. "The advertisors [sic] would still have been pissed off but the readers would have never known. Unfortunately, Ryan's enthusiasm overwhelms him and when he's excited about the fruits of 10 years of work taking another tiny step, he jumped the gun in telling his readers. I don't mean to absolve myself from responsibility either - it's not like a few weeks ago I said, 'Hey, Ryan, why not hold out on making an announcement until we're ready,' because I trusted that all the parties involved would hit their deadlines; they didn't, and that's ultimately our problem and responsibility."