I've got a whole city to hold down

January 04, 2005

Overexposure, please lay lower

"A major key to the site's endurance and enduring independence, they concur, is its Midwest location ('far-flung' according to a November article in the New York Observer). In Chicago, they're removed from coastal glitz and political red tape, and more connected to the music itself. Which is to say, no scenester posing, no star-struck fawning (not that they would if they could), no pressure from overbearing PR types eager to secure bons mots and prime real estate in exchange for access.

"Best of all, no meddling from the Man. Because there is no Man. Just men -- three of them, young and hungry and practically idealistic."

And where, you may ask, is this fair Eden?

Why, in the "burgeoning cyber empire" of Pitchfork Media, aka the "genial, pensive" Ryan Schreiber's "cramped, bare-bones, CD-stacked basement in Wicker Park"!

Those with strong stomachs can read the rest of the Sun-Times profile, headlined "Perfect pitch," here.

Meanwhile the P-Fork lads are on extended hiatus - til Monday 1/10 - as they ready what Schreiber's note to readers flogs as the site's "most ambitious relaunch ever."

Hope they remember to password-protect their network this time.

Update: The Jan. 11 issue of New City Chicago has yet another Pitchfork profile. Let's see, it's been like two years since the Trib did it and a week after the Sun-Times. What exactly is "alternative" about this alternative paper again? That it's late?