I've got a whole city to hold down

January 04, 2005

Easy come, easy go?

Less than a month ago, MP Shows principal Brian Peterson discussed his plans for Logan Square Auditorium at length on Chicagomuzik. But it seems there is no joy in Mudville; the following cryptic announcement is now posted to the MP Shows site:

"All shows have been cancelled, MP productions have taken a leave of absence while the venue properly re-structures things to accommodate the patrons and bands that MP Productions works with on a daily basis."

We'll follow the story and post further info here as it's available.

Update: "There is not much to say," Peterson says in an e-mail to Chicagomuzik. "The owner decided that he wanted to conduct business in a way that does not make sense for myself or my biz and certainly would not work for agents/bands. So, to protect myself and the people I work with (MP staff, bands, agents, patrons) it made sense to walk away from it."

Update II: "There were many issues, money being the least of them," Peterson elaborates. "The Urge [Overkill] show [on New Year's Eve] did well enough to break even.

"I am not sure what the future holds [for] the room and myself. [We] parted on relatively good terms."

Update III: "For interested in 'Empty Bottle presents' events at the LSA," the Bottle's Pete Toalson writes, "we'll of course be going forward with business as usual."