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October 29, 2004

Sneak peek Neko

First Neko Case moved away from Chicago. Then she outgrew Bloodshot and jumped to Anti. But we still love her, of course, and we're looking forward to the release next Tuesday, 11/9, of her live album The Tigers Have Spoken.

The disc, which Anti calls "a charged collection of new original material [and] selective covers," is drawn in part from two rather spotty Schubas shows Case played with the Sadies back in March.

The poop:

01. If You Knew (MP3)
02. Soulful Shade Of Blue
03. Hex
04. Train From Kansas City (MP3)
05. The Tigers Have Spoken
06. Blacklisted
07. Loretta
08. Favorite
09. Rated X
10. This Little Light
11. Wayfaring Stranger

Mister I Ain't A Boy, No I'm A Man

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

And I believe... a promised land.

October 28, 2004

The Paper of Record on Ike Reilly

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Imagine my surprise this morning, when I opened up the New York Times and found a feature on Libertyville's Ike Reilly on the front page of the Arts section.

Update from Jack Flack: Who wrote this thing, Jayson Blair? You'd think NYT could get Ike's album title right: Sparkle In the Finish, not Sparkle "to" the Finish.

We thought Reilly's Salesmen & Racists was way overhyped, but Sparkle is actually a heck of a record, by the way. You can stream it via Reilly's website. Pay special attention to "The Boat Song (Getting Loaded)," which should be some kind of hit.

Here's a taste of the Chicagocentric content from that Times piece for those of you too paranoid to register there:

A 42-year-old working rock guy with a wife and four kids back in Libertyville, Ill., Mr. Reilly keeps the faith, a hardy version of it, one rowdy, brilliant show at a time.

"Faith is knowledge without proof, isn't it?" he said. "What would the proof be? Sales, a hit single, more press, a new can of pomade? Maybe."

"I've sold my family down the river for this," he said, by way of explaining the stakes. And after 13 years of working as a bellman at the Park Hyatt hotel in Chicago, Mr. Reilly knows how high they are.

"Through a series of events, I rose quickly through the bellman ranks," he said over the phone from his van last week. Working the front of the hotel, Mr. Reilly said, he watched and learned from the swells, the crooks and hookers who came floating in on the tide.

"I was attracted to the romance of it. - still am," he said. "I was immersed in a hardcore union [Ed.: Chicago's once-famously-corrupt HERE Local 1, which Reilly namechecks in song on
Sparkle], surrounded by the immigrant community working the hotel, and witness to a lot of big-money hustles. It kept me in a position of invisible observation."

"Standing there, I saw a cabdriver from Ghana trying to raise enough money to buy a medallion, bums hustling bus fare and booze money, and the power elite of Chicago doing what they do," Mr. Reilly continued. "We live in a class system, and I had an opportunity to watch it up close."

October 26, 2004

Rock Talk Alert

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Tonight on Sound Opinions, "Jim and Greg welcome hometown songwriter David Singer to the show. Singer will debut tracks from his much anticipated new album, The Stars Burn Out, and perform live in studio with his band The Sweet Science."

October 25, 2004


Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

For those who didn't make their December 31st plans this summer by gobbling up tix for the final GBV shows, you may want to check out airfare to NYC.

Wilco, The Flaming Lips & Sleater-Kinney will be playing a New Year's Eve show at Madison Square Garden. Internet pre-sale begins 11/1.