I've got a whole city to hold down

September 24, 2004


A couple of special events to get us started:

First, after their performance Saturday 9/25 at the Hideout Block Party, Mouse on Mars will spin late-night at Rodan.

Second, to celebrate the release of her debut disc, Chi native Shawnna is scheduled to make two in-store appearances with Ludacris on Tuesday 9/28. One is at Cisco's Music World (3330 183rd St., 4:00 PM). The other is at George's Music Room (3915 W. Roosevelt Road, 7:00 PM).

And the rest of the new announcements:

At Double Door: Robbie Fulks (10/30), Minnie Driver (11/29)

From Jam: Cake w/ Northern State (Riv, 10/24), Camper Van Beethoven (Metro, 10/29), Beastie Boys (United Center, 11/4), Bad Religion w/ Rise Against (Riv, 11/6), Matthew Sweet w/ Velveteen (Vic, 11/7), the Ropeadope New Music Seminar w/ the Charlie Hunter Trio, Sex Mob, Lyrics Born and more (Park West, 11/12), Los Lonely Boys (Vic, 11/18), H.I.M. w/ Monster Magnet and Auf Der Maur (Riv, 11/20). Also the 10/31 Type O negative show at Metro has been cancelled.

At Metro: Drive-By Truckers w/ Centro-Matic (10/30), Mest (11/9), Blue Meanies (12/23)

At Schubas: Sally Timms w/ Johnny Dowd (11/20), Laurie & John Stirratt w/ the Autumn Defense (11/24).

September 23, 2004

Pop a top

Remember Pop Vultures, public radio's neophyte pop-toonz-lovin' show we told you about a while back?

It's still not available over the airwaves in Chicago, but here's a profile of its host ... in which our own Jim DeRogatis comes off like his typical curmudgeon.

The article's author implies that DeRo's snipes at public radio in general ("Talk about your stuffed shirts") and Pop Vultures in particular ("They don't know what they're talking about") may be motivated by public radio's turning down his own Sound Opinions show for syndication in the past.

Be that as it may, we're not hearing much similarity between PV and SO - well, apart from the fact that both shows offer human beings engaging in conversation about forms of popular music. If there's room in the world for Al Franken and Ann Coulter or Dan Patrick and Jim Rome, then it seems there's room for both these shows.

(Also on the Sound Opinions tip, Sun-Times tube columnist Robert Feder says the show's WTTW broadcast version has been placed on hiatus while the station seeks new underwriting support.)

September 22, 2004

State of the blogdom

Chicagomuzikblog has somehow survived for more than seven months now.

It has earned printed props from Eric Zorn and Mark Guarino, tangled with Clarence Page and Tony Margherita, and made many good blogfriends.

Someday very soon it will notch visitor number 20,000.

But it seems to be failing to meet its goal, stated in its inaugural post, to stir up discussion about local-scene matters. Instant interactivity, after all, is the great gift of blogdom, what sets our digitized zeroes and ones apart from their printed-page forebears.

Maybe this is a call for more participation on your part, dear reader. Maybe it's a fit of existential angst. Or maybe our electronic bellybutton is just exceptionally linty today. Whatever the case, your input is invited, O silently lurking masses.

September 21, 2004

Like radio?

"By licensing playlists from various local radio stations," the AP reports, Microsoft has created audio streams that mimic those stations, minus the DJs and - if you pay Bill Gates - the ads. Each "station" is named "Like (whatever station)," e.g., "Like WSUX 99.9 FM."

Here's a list of the Chicago corporate radio behemoths now being ripped off at a computer near you.

September 20, 2004

Short cuts

Propers to our homeboys and gals at Touch and Go Records and also to local dadrock megastars Wilco - the label's act TV On the Radio has been announced as one of 10 finalists for the Shortlist prize (for Desperate Youth, Bloodthirsty Babes), along with A Ghost Is Born, the latest from Jeff & the Tweedynaires.