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September 03, 2004

A Plea For Rampant Speculation

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

I assume that anyone who clicks over here semi-regularly will have already read this week's Reader column about what's going on at the LSA. So I'm not linking to it to bring it to your attention or anything. I just want to discuss the part I found most interesting-

The Bottle already has a handful of concerts booked there in October, including the Wrens and Explosions in the Sky, and continues to put holds on future dates. But Bottle owner Bruce Finkelman says he's looking to open another venue comparable in size to the LSA where he can be the exclusive promoter. "We're currently working on finalizing a deal for a new space," he says. "Right now we're just working on dotting the i's and crossing the t's." Finkelman says the unnamed venue, which he hopes to have up and running by year's end, would have a "bunch of different options" in terms of capacity and age requirements -- that is, it'd be a direct competitor to the LSA.

What I want to know is....does anyone have a clue on what that new space will be? In the absence of a "real" rumor, feel more than free to just make something up, and add it in the comments below. With the long weekend ahead, this is probably the last post 'til Tuesday, so we might as well try to keep ourselves entertained somehow.


Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

New at Schubas: Mclusky (10/10-11), Robyn Hitchcock (11/6)

September 02, 2004

Oh snap

Pitchfork gives Joan of Arc's latest the critical beatdown, calling out Tim Kinsella as "awkward," "dubious," "blindly cynical," "lazy and irritating," "tiresome" and "ridiculous."


Jay Bennett's 44?

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

September 01, 2004

Jazz matters

From the Trib, here are Howard Reich's reviews of the initial nights of the Chicago Jazz Festival: Monday's Kurt Elling/Von Freeman pairing in the new Millennium Park bandshell was "exuberant, dynamic and artistically free-wheeling," while last night's Ravi Coltrane tribute to daddy John's "A Love Supreme" was "a monumental disappointment."

The Sun-Times, meanwhile, has nothing to say. What, have Kevin Whitehead and Lloyd Sachs taken off for early Labor Day vacations?

In other news, Howard Reich reports that the Jazz Institute of Chicago has designated Fred Anderson the first recipient, and henceforth namesake, of its Chicago Musician of the Year award. (The AACM lion plays Jazz Fest at 5 pm Sunday in the Petrillo Music Shell. His combo will include Hamid Drake, Jeff Parker and Harrison Bankhead.)

By the way, tonight's the night for the Jazz Institute's annual Club Tour (in which buses circulate all evening among a dozen local spots). Twenty bucks buys you access to the deal, which includes cover at every participating club and as many bus rides as you like.


New at Double Door: Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes (10/3), Halloween Bash with Local H as Oasis, Giant Step as Elvis Costello and more (10/31), Hot Snakes (11/6).

New from Jam: Jill Sobule (Martyrs, 10/2), Coheed & Cambria (Riviera, 10/20).

August 31, 2004

Achtung - Stampeding Wilcolytes

Some say the most dangerous place in Chicago is between Jesse Jackson and a TV camera.

We say it's between Jefftweedyphiles and their computers when Wilco tix go on sale.

Thus, with the unveiling of two Auditorium Theatre gigs for the godhead couchrock quartet (Oct. 29 and 30), we're raising the Panicked Wilcolyte Threat Level to fuchsia.

Be careful out there.