I've got a whole city to hold down

August 13, 2004


New at Double Door: Mike Watt and the Secondmen w/ Valis (10/7), the Dirtbombs w/ the Ponys (10/23), Evil Beaver (10/29), Laibach (11/13)

New at the Empty Bottle: Mates of State (at LSA, 11/11)

New at Metro: The Faint w/ TV On the Radio (10/7), Type O Negative (10/31)

New at Schubas: Matthew Ryan (10/1), Richard Buckner and Damien Jurado w/ Dolorean (10/4-5), Bill Morrissey (10/8), Jolie Holland (10/8), Hayden (10/14)

New from Jam: Patricia Barber (Park West, 9/11), Martin Sexton (Park West, 9/24), Sarah Harmer w/ Josh Ritter (Park West, 9/29), Dan Bern (Martyrs, 10/15), Badly Drawn Boy (Vic, 10/21), the Cramps (Vic, 10/23)

August 12, 2004

Two new horses for Thrill Jockey

Word has it Thrill Jockey has inked the Zincs (brainchild of Jim Elkington) and Pit Er Pat (nee Blackbirds). Both local bands will have new discs out on Tha Thrill by the middle of oh-five, if not earlier.

There's a new rock critic in town...

... and his name is Alan Keyes.

Here's a little taste of the Keyes style:

"I think when we look at our cultural landscape we can see that a great contribution is made to our declining morals. By our tolerance for music of varieties that has [sic] become more and more debased, filthier and filthier lyrics. And it is now kind of accepted and people make jokes about it and people act as if it's not serious.

"Not long ago, Senator McCain, you were on a television program. You were asked what your favorite rock group was and you said Nine Inch Nails. They then embarrassed you by putting up the Nine Inch Nails lyrics and it was filled with the f-word and other kind of vulgarities. Don't you think that as leaders we ought to be a little bit more serious about the kind of influences that are now destroying the lives of our children? And before we open our mouths we ought to know what we are talking about instead of aiding and abetting the cultural murder that is taking place of our young people?

"I'm a father, sir, I've got to tell you, I'm a father and I'm not laughing."

That's Keyes from a debate during the 2000 Republican presidential primaries, by the way.

There's also Barack Obama to consider, though. He's gunning for Howard Reich's chair. From the New Yorker: "'You can’t always come up with the optimal solution, but you can usually come up with a better solution,' [Obama] said over lunch one afternoon. 'A good compromise, a good piece of legislation, is like a good sentence.' He nodded. Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue was playing in the background. 'Or a good piece of music,' he said. 'Everybody can recognize it.'"

Michelle "Mrs. Barack" Obama says: "If you were to go into his car and see his CD collection, he'd have some Sting, Eminem, Latin popular music…. He loves Thelonious Monk, he loves Miles Davis. He just took my OutKast because I can only play one song on it because I usually have the kids. There's too much cursing.... Marvin Gaye is one of his favorites. He loves to sing 'Let's Get It On.' You need to get him to get up and do that. He's not shy, if you sort of coax him."

August 11, 2004

All you little kids seem to think you know just where it's at...

There is an interesting little tiff bubbling up on the Empty Bottle message board, where in late July somebody claiming to be a local musician posted allegations that indie promoter MP Shows "jacks" local bands. Some have echoed the charges while others have said that a promoter's higher costs may explain the discrepancy, especially considering the number of all-agers mounted by MP Shows.

Anyone with a perspective on this please chime in below - we're curious to know what our savvy readers think of the merits of the various sides in this debate.

August 10, 2004

Mark Your Calendar

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Please circle September 24, 25 and 26. Those are the dates of the Hideout's annual block party. Lineups to follow shortly.

No word yet on whether Lazlo will be able to tackle his Yom Kippur fasting (from sundown on the 24th 'til sundown on the 25th) in this environment.

Update: Lineups announced thus far include Marah (9/24); Kelly Hogan and the Wooden Leg, Archer Prewitt, Mouse on Mars, and Mahjongg (9/25); and a Bloodshot Records 10th Anniversary show with Split Lip Rayfield, Pine Valley Cosmonauts (featuring Sally Timms, Kelly Hogan and Paul Burch), Wayne Hancock, Devil In A Woodpile and Nora O'Connor (9/26).

Your Hour Is Up

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Rock stars in therapy is the topic of tonight's Sound Opinions. The dynamic duo host the directors of the Metallica documentary Some Kind Of Monster, and plan to talk to a therapist who has worked with bands.

August 09, 2004

Giampino family escapes blaze

The suburban Seattle home of former Chicago rockscene mainstays Scott and Ali Giampino was destroyed by fire early Friday morning. The pair and their young son escaped unharmed. Investigators suspect arson in this and a rash of other recent housefires in the area.

Ali Giampino handles tour arrangements for approximately one million cool bands on behalf of local indie booking behemoth the Billions Corp. Scott Giampino plays drums in Cash Audio (nee Cash Money) and formerly worked as a publicist for Touch and Go Records. (Also, as you will no doubt recall, his imitators were specifically banned from Lounge Ax.)

The Billions site has info on how you can help the Giampino family in the wake of the fire.

Beware falling axes

Word has it that New City Chicago music editor (and top reviewer, and columnist, and one of the city's leading print exponents of head-bangin toonz) Dave Chamberlain has been laid off by the chain. It's not clear what this means for the paper's content or its long-term outlook - We're told that Chamberlain, who did not respond to Chicagomuzikblog's request for comment, currently remains with the paper, technically retaining his title but operating as a freelancer.

Idle speculation: We wonder if this development is in any way related to the move (recently noted in the reader comments here) by several local clubs to pull their ads from New City.

In any event, it surely doesn't reflect well on the New City's financial situation. Doubtless times are tough, industry wide, from the biggest mainstream papers down to the most modest underground rags. Tribune shares are down 20% in six months. The Village Voice has trimmed staff - even "losing" Richard Goldstein under cloudy circumstances. And little local Citylink recently went belly-up.

So. Anybody out there with a whiff of what's going down at New City?