I've got a whole city to hold down

May 14, 2004


One local publication out today offers a piece that touches on rock en Espanol, Middle Eastern orchestral compositions, and traditional Gypsy music, plus an interview with some of the Tortoise crew.

Another local rag has a piece on the Fireside Bowl that contains no quotes from anyone associated with the Fireside Bowl, accompanied by a very brief collection of notes on Tortoise.

Now we ask you, which one of these is the complacent, out-of-touch Trib, and which is the hip, adventuresome Reader?

May 13, 2004

Gonna set this party off right

Kanye West leads the pack of nominees for the 2004 BET Awards. Other Chicago folk up for the hardware include Twista, Bernie Mac, and a child rapist. The awards show airs June 29.

New look

As you can see, Chicagomuzikblog has a new look - but in the bargain, we lost all our links and comments. Hopefully the links will be rebuilt over the weekend.

Fulks tribute to Paycheck announced

We're still waiting for news on the fate of Robbie Fulks' album of Michael Jackson covers, but another of his tribute projects now has a release date: "Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck" will come out August 11 on Sugar Hill Records.

Fulks produced the album, sang a duet with Gail Davies and played guitar on much of it. Other participating artists with Chicago connections include Gerald Dowd (session drummer), Neko Case (dueting with Jim Lauderdale on "If I'm Going to Sink, I Might As Well Go to the Bottom"), Mavis Staples (singing the title track), Duane Denison (guitar on Bobby Bare, Jr.'s cover of his daddy's "Motel Time Again"), and Jeff Tweedy (trading vocals with Buck Owens, Bobby Bare and Radney Foster on "Take This Job and Shove It").

May 12, 2004


New at Metro: Secret Machines w/ Skeleton Key (6/13), Spoon w/ Thee Shams (6/25).

Double Door: Juliana Hatfield (6/25).

Jam: Taste of Randolph Street headliners will be Sonia Dada (6/18), Fountains of Wayne (6/19) and Galactic (6/20). Other newly announced shows include Patti Smith (Navy Pier, 6/24), Carole King (Auditorium Theatre, 7/15), Cowboy Junkies (Navy Pier, 7/18), Hanson (Navy Pier, 7/31), Cheap Trick (Navy Pier, 8/13), Hall & Oates (oh yeah, Auditorium Theatre, 8/20), Metallica (second show added, Allstate Arena, 8/28), and Jack Johnson w/ G. Love & Special Sauce (Aragon, 9/7). Also note that the 6/2 POD show has been downsized from the Riv to the Vic.

Update: The 5/21 Tortoise show at Metro has been cancelled. "Nothing to be alarmed about," the band's booking agent explains, citing "John Herndon's healing wrist and some technical issues involved in trying to attempt two shows in one night (there is an early show Fri May 21 with My Morning Jacket) that once seemed possible and now clearly are impossible."

May 11, 2004

Almost famous

Imagine our surprise on thumbing through the latest Rolling Stone ... and finding the byline of dewy-eyed Sun-Times freelancer Brian Orloff atop a review of Billy Corgan's April Metro gig. (There's a different, longer version of the print piece here.)

Ahh, Papa DeRo must be very proud.

Blog of the Moment

This is, hands down, the best site to have linked to El Chicagomuzikblog in the last six hours.

What is that, anyway? Finnish?

Where have you gone, Dr. Kevorkian?

WTTW's resuscitated Soundstage program had its share of strong moments last year, its first season back on the air. But judging by this year's recently announced bill, the show was clearly better off dead. We'd say that our mothers could program a more interesting, relevant series than this, but that would be an insult to our mothers.

Rock Talk Alert

Tonight on Sound Opinions, DeRogatis and Kot discuss "the greatest drinking songs." 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles ...

May 10, 2004


New from the Empty Bottle: Chicago Underground Trio (6/17), Unicorns (6/18 at Open End), Sea Ray (6/24), Azita w/ the Race and Boas (6/26), !!! (6/30 at LSA).

Ve haff vays of makink you ROCK!

Blame it on the Teutons ... Monica Kendrick reflects on Einsturzende Neubaten in the current Reader's Rock Etc. department, while Greg Kot spoke to Can founder Holger Czukay for Friday's Trib. (Czukay's set to play the Sub-T this Saturday, 5/15.)