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April 17, 2004

Fast Forward

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Completely unrelated to music...

If you're looking for something different next weekend, there's always the Fast Forward Film Festival.

Aspiring filmmakers meet the evening of the 23rd to get their topic. Those interested in viewing the creations just show up at Open End on the following night ($5, BYOB). Further info available in the link above.

Back to Flack...

April 16, 2004

Open Thread

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

So I'm off to the Vic in a bit for the Death Cab For Cutie/Ben Kweller/Pedro the Lion show. I'll try and check in once or twice tomorrow, and then control of the blog will revert back to Jack Flack on Sunday. In the interim, now's the chance to use that comments section below for anything you see fit. Suggested topics include...

*Shows you're planning to hit tonight/tomorrow
*Mini-reviews of shows you do attend
*Albums you've recently been enjoying by artists we haven't seen fit to mention on this blog
*The fact that the WB is developing a biopic on Kurt Cobain based on the book "Heavier Than Heaven" by Charles Cross is a sign the end is nigh.

Venue Review - Open End Gallery

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

I was there last night for the Bonnie Prince Billy/Joanna Newsom show. Won't subject you to any lengthy rambling on the performance, other than to say it was probably the best of the 5 Will Oldham shows I've attended. And part of that was definitely owing to the venue. Moving on to cover that...

The Open End Gallery is a 3rd floor space at the corner of Fulton & Damen. Easy parking at night, and you're entering/leaving w/ all the other music geeks, so no overt safety concerns.

Pros: No smoking! Very intimate, yet the capacity # is low enought that even with last night's sold-out show there was enough space for a majority of the people to sit on the floor and enjoy. The beer was $1 a cup. And the mood they'd set in there was perfect for the artists (it's a towering ceiling, and they'd hung what looked to be a hot air balloon from it...and the way the light projected you got a bearded profile of Will on the wall at times, along w/ views of the downtown skyscrapers through the windows).

Cons: One bathroom, usable by only one individual at a time (leading to lines of up to 15-20 people in spots). No liquor or multiple choices of beer/wine (which didn't trouble me too much w/ the dollar brews).

Anyone else been there yet for an event? Feel free to add your thoughts below...

Full Weekend Coverage Below

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

In the Reader: Critics' Choices include Bonnie Prince Billy & Joanna Newsom, Casual Dots, Air. While the likes of Elf Power, Asylum Street Spankers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Billy Pumpkin, and Sebadoh get Spot Checked.

New City: Tip of the Week is Air, 3-week old Sound-Bar gets full coverage, & Ben Kweller & atombombpocketknife get lengthy treatments.

Sun-Times: DeRo talks to A Perfect Circle, Steve Walters garners additional much-deserved love, and ScratchTrack & Orchestra Baobab are covered.

Trib: Reich on the Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz & Improvised Music.

Daily Herald: More Ben Kweller, concert picks that include Bonnie Prince Billy, Corgan & Air, and some lame-ass blog gets a plug.

My only addendum-
TV on the Radio's at the Fireside tonight, show is sold-out.

Update: Many thanks to Lydia for pointing out that I'd missed this Kot piece on Cursive & the Plea for Peace tour. Damn day job...getting in the way of my thoroughness.

Tonight's Bonnie Prince Billy shows

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

If you're planning on hitting the LSA tonight, here's the latest scoop from the Empty Bottle...

Important announcement Regarding the LSA Bonnie 'Prince' Billy shows -- Interested parties may want to take note of the following details. There are still advance tickets available for the seven o'clock pm show, and they will be available until five o'clock on our website (, or by calling Music Today (1 800 594 8499). Doors for the earlier show will open promptly at six o'clock pm, with sets taking place at seven and eight, respectively. Advanced tickets for the later show are sold out, but there will be a small number of tickets (maybe fifty?) made available at the door at ten o'clock pm. Set times for the later show are eleven and twelve o'clock pm.

April 15, 2004


Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

New at...
Abbey Pub: Iron & Wine (7/2)

Open End Gallery: Calvin Johnson (5/22)

Park West: Sam Phillips (6/11)

Schubas: Richard Buckner (5/31), plus a 2nd (7pm & 18+) Sufjan Stevens/Rosie Thomas show was added for 4/23.

Skyline Stage: David Byrne w/ the Tosca Strings (6/17)

Sonotheque: Matthew Dear (5/27)

Star Plaza: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme (10/9)

VH1's "I Love 4.3 Seconds Ago"

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

While it's not as funny as his Lucky Ducky or God Man ones, today's Tom the Dancing Bug has a nice zing at VH1. Watch the ad and then you can enjoy.

Your Weekly Wilco

Posted By Lazlo Hollyfeld

I wouldn't want to disappoint avid readers of this blog by going more than a few days without a Wilco mention, so here's your fix...

While they have cancelled their April dates & the Coachella appearance, their summer appears to be pretty busy. Only 4 of those dates are in the U.S., and none are in Chicago. But I've heard that Gothenburg is lovely in July.

April 14, 2004

Rockin Cellos

Posted By Roy Stalin

When I was but a lad, I was a big fan of the Electric Light Orchestra. In part it was the cool airbrushed space ship album covers, the extensive lyric sheets, and Jeff Lynne's weird oxygen-less production style. But it was also the classical-rock fusion that I dug. In fact, the only thing I really remember from my first rock concert at age ten was ELO's cello player playing a solo on a white cello with laser lights reflecting off it (well, that and the kids who sat in front of my dad and I and smoked funny smelling cigarettes).

ELO's novelty wore off a few years later for me, and to this day hearing those distinctive (and annoying) Jeff Lynne production fingerprints on the radio makes me cringe at my younger foolishness.

All of which is prelude to my very recently realized fascination with Rasputina, who are some weird cross between Jane's Addiction, Kronos Quartet and 19th Century American composer Stephen Foster. As with any acute infatuation that involves attractive young ladies in bodices, this one may be short lived. But for today, I really like how these guys extract evil sounding noises from the cello.

They play the House of Blues in Chicago on April 18 and the 400 Bar in Minneapolis on the 19th.

My Secret Shame

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

I could lie, and say that last night was the first time I'd watched The Gilmore Girls, and that I only did it to see the Shins perform "So Says I". But it wouldn't be the truth.

There, the weight has been lifted. Feel free to ridicule me in the comments section below.

Anyone else catch it?

Pixies Setlist - 4/13 Fine Line Music Cafe (Minneapolis, MN)

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Bone Machine
Wave of Mutilation
Levitate Me
Broken Face
Monkey Gone To Heaven
Holiday Song
Nimrod's Song
La La Love You
Ed Is dead
Here Comes Your Man
Number 13 Baby
Gouge Away


Isla De Encanta
In Heaven->Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)
Where Is My Mind?
Into The White

Also, a 4th show at the Aragon has been added for Tuesday 11/16. Tix go onsale this Saturday at Noon.

April 13, 2004

Classify Chicago Under "off"

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

The new album (titled ONoffON) from Mission of Burma drops on May 4th.

I'll spare you the adjectives that the hyperbole generator just spat out for me, and say only that it is well worth spending your cash on.

Unfortunately, it appears that the men in MoB have decided to pass us by during their initial touring behind this album. The dates for May/June were announced this weekend, and with the exception of playing the University of Missouri's Springfest in May, it's nothing but east & west coast dates.

Guitar Fights Face...Guitar Wins

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

If you are one of the 1,000+ souls who has a ticket for Muse's sold-out show a week from Friday at the Metro, you might want to check that it's still on before heading over on the 23rd.

Seems the lead singer had a slight accident onstage at the Atlanta show last week, and some shows have been cancelled as a result.

Your Gossipy Fix of the Day

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Beck has allegedly married actress Marissa Ribisi (Giovanni's twin sis), and they are expecting.

And, as she seems to have L Ron roots as well, it appears to be a Scientology thing.

She's probably best remembered as the curly redhead that Wooderson took a shine to at the end of Dazed & Confused. But I'll always be partial to that brief appearance in Kicking & Screaming, when she brings Grover back to her dorm room.

April 12, 2004

Fucking Genius, Part 1

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

That's the title of the exhibit that opened at Propaganda (1418 N Milwaukee) this past weekend.

What is it? A few hundred examples of Steve Walters' screen-printed concert posters (w/ a few dartboards with W's face on them thrown in for good measure).

You can check it out from now 'til May 16th.

A Quiet Monday

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

I apologize in advance, but this'll be it from me until this evening at the earliest. Wrigley Field is calling, and I'll be enjoying the home opener and the surrounding festivies.

All I can offer up in the way of reading material at this early hour is this nice overview of the Quannum showcase, written by Josh Klein for the Trib.

Time to go find the winter jacket to enjoy the 48 degrees and the wind blowing right in my face (maybe 4 or 5 Old Styles will help me warm up).

April 11, 2004


Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

So I'm not sure exactly what it all means, but I noticed that the listing for the 6/4 Mountain Goats/Archer Prewitt show at the Empty Bottle is billed as "An Evening With Believer".

If you're not familiar with The Believer, it could be most easily classified as part of the burgeoning Dave Eggers media empire. Every issue may not be worth plunking down the $8 for, but I definitely make sure to skim every issue at Quimby's (and end up buying half of them). The last few issues have featured a "Stuff I've Been Reading" column by Nick Hornby, and word is there'll be a feature on the Decemberists in the one out in May.

As for the Mountain Goats...not only is the new album excellent, but Mr. Darnielle earned every penny of the $10 I shelled out at the show at the Bottle in February. Highly Recommended.

Back On The Air

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Sound Opinions TV returns tonight on Channel 11 at 11pm.

This week's main topic is the sexiest voices in rock, and includes a
performance by Ms. Kelly Hogan (filmed last week at the Apple store I believe).

Footnotes have been provided.