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March 13, 2004

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Check out local roots-rock bands R.D. Roth & the Issues and Gold Coast Refuse.

March 12, 2004

Weekend roundup

Five papers, a mess of writers, a million bands. Let's do this.

DeRo gets cocky, reviews the Greendale flick. Jeff Johnson yaps with Kenny Brown about hill country blues (of which a whole gang of practitioners are throwing down tonight, Friday, at HOB). And Jakubiak offers a sorry waste-of-space interview with Lyrics Born, who's on tap Monday at the Abbey and deserves much better than this.

Josh Klein on the Mavericks (Saturday at Park West with BR549), Michael C. Harris on the Tossers (Saturday at Metro), and Rick Reger on the gigs he deems worthy.

Anybody slavering for a Marga-fix should hie thee over to the rag's Critic's Picks section, where this week old Pete hips us to a little improvised music, a little tenor sax, and even some Colombian pop, among others. Meanwhile, in Spotcheck, Monica Kendrick surveys a smattering of St. Patty’s-week fare, backs the hype for Cooper Temple Clause, and disses John Vanderslice. Finally, there's the Meter. It's a chat with a certain bald rockstar.

New City
Andy Wang on John Vanderslice (Saturday, Schubas), Ray Pride on the Greendale talkie, Chris McCann shares a slice of the All-City MC Battle, and Dave Chamberlain on the Cooper Temple Clause.

Daily Herald
Mark Guarino profiles the Von Bondies (Friday at the Double Door with the Like Young) and reviews a few discs, topped by the Wrens (Friday at LSA with the Constantines).

City goes pop

The schedule for the third Chicago edition of the International Pop Overthrow festival has been announced. At the moment it's only floating in the e-mail ether, but we assume all info will be on the IPO site sometime soon. The details are far too, um, detailed to publish here, so we're sticking to a thumbnail: April 16-May 2. Variously at the Beat Kitchen, Gunther Murphy's, Wise Fool's, the Abbey, Schubas and the Bottom Lounge. Six to eight bands playing half-hour slots on each bill. Knock yerselves out.


Newly announced at the Empty Bottle: Destroyer with Frog Eyes (May 4), Eleventh Dream Day with Antietam (May 16), Michael Hurley (May 17), Shannon Wright (May 22), Trans Am with Bobby Conn (June 5), and the Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio (Tuesdays in June).

And peep that full-page ad in the Reader: May 3 at HOB, it's Mister Kanye West.

March 11, 2004

Your turn

Not much to report today, people. There are, however, a ton of hott shows happening in town tonight and through the weekend. So we're offering up this comment thread for discussion of what's on your calendar.

Have at it.

More ink for local hip-hop

Greg Kot talks to Diverse, from today's Trib.

March 10, 2004

Unto you a virtual label is born

The local duo of Ken Shipley (ex-A&R honcho at Ryko) and Tom Lunt (ex-ad honcho with Leo Burnett) have teamed to form the Numero Group, a web-only record label.

The new imprint will introduce itself with Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, a comp of dusties from the vaults of the forgotten Columbus, OH soul purveyors, and Camino del Sol, a reissued 1982 LP from an outfit called Antena that they describe as "the best French-Belgian electro-samba record you've never heard."

Numero's stated goal: "To get the music they love out to the world in the highest possible quality, from sound quality to packaging."

Which appears to pick up where Shipley left off with Tree Records and its spiritual successor, Limited Edition.

Update: Our neighbors over at Pitchfork give the Antena reissue a 9.0 review. They say it's a "document of inspired originality ... akin to Beck and Bjork."

Walk this way

The Sun-Times' Jae-Ha Kim (of all people) previews the Walkmen, who headline Thursday at Metro.

French Kicks and the M's share this bill. We plan to bring a sneak-peek-preview of the M's upcoming, long-playing debut to allayall soonest.

Update: Trib freelancer Bob Gendron gives the Walkmen a nod, then throws the M's a bone.

It's all over now

Local scribes wrap the Dylanfest. Here's Kot, Hoekstra, and Guarino.

Mas concertwatch

Jam adds: Edie Brickell (April 20 at Park West), Los Lonely Boys (May 13 at Park West), "Summercamp 2004" with Leftover Salmon, Umphrey's McGee, Medeski Martin & Wood, Keller Williams and others (May 29-30 at Three Sisters Park in Chilicothe, IL), and P.O.D. (June 2 at the Riviera).

Jam changes: Damien Jurado has joined the Sun Kil Moon bill (March 25, Park West), and the April 3 Grandaddy gig has moved from the Riv to the Vic.

March 09, 2004

New sounds

Champaign-Urbana label Parasol reports a June 22 release date for new discs from two local acts, the Like Young (So Serious) and Kevin Tihista's Red Terror (Wake Up Captain). Note: Tihista's site is way out of date, but you can download a couple cuts from the new disc here.


The Double Door's future may be in doubt (see below), but the venue is still booking shows. Latest additions include a terrific triple-bill of pop bands with Pernice Brothers, Long Winters and Bigger Lovers (April 3), the Figgs with Mike Viola (April 15), the Electric Six (April 21), and the Legendary Pink Dots (May 22).

Pretty hate machine

Coming soon from Sun-Times/Sound Opinions loudmouth Jim DeRogatis, it's Kill Your Idols: A New Generation of Rock Writers Reconsiders the Classics. DeRo edited the anthology, which finds nearly three dozen rock writers (some you've heard of, some you haven't) skewering sacred cows from Sgt. Pepper to OK Computer. Chitown scribes are heavily represented, though among local artists only the Pumpkins come in for a licking.


Oh my god, did you, like, hear about Avril Lavigne last night? She was at the mall! For real! Spring Hill in West Dundee!

Rock Talk Alert

Tonight on XRT's Sound Opinions, Kot and DeRo "discuss the current crop of comebacks and reunions, including the Pixies and Iggy Pop & the Stooges."

Update: Trib reports that WTTW Ch. 11 has renewed the fledgling Sound Opinions TV for 26 shows starting April 11.

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I'm So Sincerr. Blog concerned with hip-hop, movies, and current events. Author was "raised on the mean streets of South Evanston."

The Chicago Pop Show Report, a calendar of upcoming shows in the tradition of Andy Lester's late, lamented Chicago Shows List.

Local promoter Tankboy's blog.

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March 08, 2004


If it's March 26-27 and it's Soldier Field, then we must be ... snowboarding?

And if it's snowboarding at Soldier Field, then it's only natural to have live entertainment from ... Ludacris and Kanye West!


War for the Double Door

The Sun-Times reports that the Double Door's future is cloudy, thanks to a rent-related tiff between the building owner and club operator.

Update: The DD's press statement may be perused here.

Update II: Further tidbits from New City.

Hanging with Bob

What happened to Bob Dylan's band? The lineup at the Aragon on Friday looked like the result of an argument in a grade-school music class.

"I wanna play drums!"

"No, I wanna play drums!!"

"Wah, Mr. Dylan, I don't wanna play keyboard! I wanna play drums!!"

"Dammit kids, both of you play drums then. I'll play the #$@$& keyboard."

That's right, Bob had two guitars, bass, and two drummers. And he played keyboard through the entire show.

Local crits were ambivalent, with Jim DeRogatis' thumb wavering downward and Greg Kot casting his typically charitable eye on the proceedings as a decent experiment.

Update: Mark Guarino says the lineup struck him as "more novelty than necessity."