I've got a whole city to hold down

February 28, 2004

Fulks' Jackson disc scrapped?

Sounds like Robbie Fulks has abandoned his album of Michael Jackson covers. He says he'll soon be back in the studio working on original material, described as "70s or 80s country."

February 27, 2004


Schubas has announced the "See A Show, Buy A Show" a program, a partnership with e-Music Live that will enable showgoers to purchase a board DAT of the night's concert at its conclusion - provided, that is, the artist elects to participate. On the current calendar, only Kraig Johnson, the Hold Steady, and John Vanderslice are confirmed to take part.

Schubas also says that Metro and the Double Door will offer the program.

Weekend picks

In the Sun-Times, DeRogatis talks with Twista, who says he wants to open a hip-hop club in the city. Jakubiak visits with Jah Safe (performing Tuesday at the Hothouse).

Live from Trib Tower, Kot chats with Erykah Badu (Saturday, Auditorium Theatre), but doesn’t ask about her reported recent split with Common or her pregnancy. Come on, Greg, we want the dirt.

Also here are Reger’s current nods (the same ones Metromix erroneously posted last week).

Reader crits tab no less than 10 shows this week, including High Llamas, Erykah Badu, Mary Lou Lord and Mountain Goats, and Mondica Kendrick weighs in on nine more bills but doesn't rip a single one. Is she losing her touch?

Lastly, in New City, Tom Lynch tips the Mountain Goats (Saturday, Empty Bottle), while Dave Chamberlain reviews some recent local shows.


Short notice: This coming Wednesday, March 3, it's much-buzzed lady rappers Northern State at the Empty Bottle.

Update: Schubas has announced a third Neko Case/Sadies show (March 29). These gigs will be recorded for a live album. The club also confirmed another Marah date (April 15).

February 26, 2004

Meter reader

Bob Mehr's current column, on local tapehead Aadam Jacobs, sure sounds familiar. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Spinning off its axis

More hard times at Spin magazine. Local angle: Spin's Midwest ad sales are repped by Christopher Schuba & Co. (Mm-hmm.)

(Link thanks to I Love Music.)

Kind of blue

Two blues items: Dave Hoekstra's Sun-Times obit for Chitown sax man A.C. Reed, and the Daily Herald's Travel section take on the home of W.C. Handy and Chuck Berry--St. Louis.

Print roundup

Here's Greg Kot on Evanescence in the Trib. Read it, yawn, move on.

Awake now? Good, 'cause next up is freelancer Matthew Lurie's take on the Galapagos4 showcase at the Bottom Lounge. While we appreciate the Trib giving ink to the local indie rap scene, they really should do better than this. The entire piece is preoccupied with race (uh, have fun with that can of worms) and riddled with factual errors and faulty assumptions. Here's how not to write a hip-hop review: Start with a veiled sneer at Kanye West as pop-radio trash. Imply that a "young, ethnically and sexually diverse crowd" would be "out of place at a punk rock show." Identify Slug as "that other white MC." Etc.

Maybe Mr. Lurie needs an anatomy lesson: This is your ass, that is your elbow. There will be a quiz.

Update: Here's DeRo on Evanescence, too.

February 25, 2004

Hip to the hop

Lyrics Born, Diverse, Abbey Pub, March 15.

We're betting on a bigger crowd than turned out when this bill subbed for Cee-Lo, who cancelled, at the Subterranean a few months back, or when Diverse shared the Empty Bottle stage with Mr. Len last fall. That is, folks are picking up on a top-notch local MC who--get this--hasn't yet left the city.

Strange bedfellows

Sound Opinions and ... Rocawear?


That's the tag team behind this Kanye West t-shirt giveaway.

February 24, 2004


The latest Jam update adds several notable shows, including the Thrills at Metro (April 16), Sondre Lerche at Martyrs (May 19), and Metallica at Allstate Arena (August 27).

Oh, and a little something called Bob Dylan at the Park West on March 8. If by some stroke of blind luck you are lucky enough to score tix, they'll set you back 70 bucks before fees.

Talk TV

This has nothing to do with Chicago and little to do with music, but ...

We'd like to take a moment to heartily recommend the new Tavis Smiley late-night talk show, airing here in Chitown at 11:30 pm on WTTW Ch. 11. Tonight's lineup includes KRS-One; upcoming this week are Anthony Anderson of Barbershop renown (Wed.), Kevin Nealon and Mekhi Phifer (Thurs.), and genius documentarian Errol Morris (Fri.). You can also check out Prince's recent appearance--and live performance (with Wendy!)--at the Tavis show site.

Update: The Tavis show also airs locally on WYCC Ch. 20 at 10:30 pm. Something for us tired-ass working stiffs to keep in mind.

Rock Talk Alert

Tonight on Sound Opinions, Kot and DeRogatis dissect PJ Harvey's To Bring You My Love. If you'd like to skip the show, here's the Cliffs Notes version: Gritty fusion of punk and blues. Sex. Female empowerment. Metaphors involving snakes. Repeat from 10 to midnight on XRT.

Overanalyze THIS

The schedule for the 2004 Experience Music Project (EMP) Pop Conference has been announced, and two Chicagoans (that we know of ... if you recognize any other local names, feel free to correct us) are on it. They are Dan Sinker of Punk Planet, who (with ex-local Neal Pollack and others) will participate in a panel "exploring rock music's influence on DIY book publishing," and Jessica Hopper of Hit It or Quit It, who (with one Grampa Greil Marcus) will take part in something called "Critical Karaoke: Writers interpreting the songs they've thought were the greatest ever, for exactly the length of the song, over the music!" Phew. The geektacular blowout is scheduled for April 15-18 at the EMP museum campus in Seattle.

February 23, 2004

Start lining up now

... or not. Sebadoh announces its first tour in five years, including a stop April 20 at the Abbey, and we're thinking, can it really be five years since we last saw Lou Barlow stink up a local stage?

Please film me

From those punks down the block, Thick Records, and translated to English from the original gruntese: "PART 1 of the infamous Out Of Focus video fanzine collection [is out now on] on DVD. [It's t]he creation of Mike Byrne (from the Methadones) and his brother Bob[. T]he two filmed countless shows at McGregor's, Metro, and the Fireside Bowl in Chicago throughout the 1990's, and now THICK's making the entire collection plus a mountain of bonus material available on DVD. [The collection includes h]ours of gritty punk rock [and] live sets from 17 great bands, plus interviews, pranks, commentary, scene footage and more. Part 1 [f]eatures amazing footage of early Green Day, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Jawbreaker, Down By Law, and more." Check it out here.

Tepid reception

Pitchfork shrugs at new albums from Rob Mazurek and John Stirratt's Autumn Defense. Anyone care to disagree?

Recent reviews

From the Sun-Times: Laura Emerick on Rufus Wainwright, Miriam Di Nunzio on Rod Stewart, and Anders Smith Lindall on Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and M. Ward.

From the Tribune: Blair Fischer on Rod Stewart, Bob Gendron on Henry Rollins (ranting, not rocking), Michael Parrish on Sons of the Never Wrong, and Fischer on Howie Day.

If all that isn't enough reading material, check out Dave Hoekstra's piece on Memphis from Sunday's Sun-Times. Great flavor of the town, the intersections of its musical and social history, and a typically entertaining interview with Jim Dickinson for good measure.