I've got a whole city to hold down

December 14, 2004

Margasak on the airwaves, in the blogosphere

Ten months since his ceding his Post No Bills column in the Reader, Peter Margasak's ears haven't stopped adventuring - and now we can join those journeys via radio and the Web.

On the air, he's spinning an hour's worth of international sounds every Tuesday morning at 11 am CT on WLUW. The show, called Mosaic, will be expanded to two hours beginning January 3, which Margasak says will allow him to include artist interviews and more in-depth genre surveys. Today's playlist is typically eclectic - the show opened with cuts from Benin, Romania and Brazil.

On the Internets, Margasak has dipped a toe into the blog world via Worldly Disorientation. His posting has been sporadic so far (launched in October, the site has seen fewer than 20 posts to date) but the content is promising (regular MP3s put theory into practice, while musings on movies, food and world affairs supplement the music mix). Two small suggestions for the author: Clean up the coding, 'cause about three-quarters of the content is now posted in strike-thru. And how 'bout posting the Mosaic playlists?

Update: Worldly Disorientation's strikethrough-gone-wild has been tamed. Enjoy.