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December 10, 2004

Logan Square Auditorium: MP Shows speaks (Plus: More from the Bottle!)

In response to our recent give and take in re the Logan Square Auditorium, MP Shows proprietor Brian Peterson weighed in with extended comments to the post below. I'm going to transcribe those comments here, for two reasons; one, so they're visible without having to click through, and two, because Haloscan wipes its comments out after a certain period of time. Anyway, after Brian's comments, a clarification from the Empty Bottle's Pete Toalson. Boys?

Brian Peterson: Hi, it's Brian from MP Productions Inc.

- I like Pete, have been friends with him for years, but yeah, there are always lines to read between.

- LSA is being set up to handle 7 nights a week, that does not mean it will be booked 7 nights a week, esp during the slow touring season. During this time we are working out the bugs, setting up offices, dealing with staffing issues, promotions spring/summer the room will be extremely busy and we will be ready for it ... YIPPEEEE!!

- I will not be booking cover bands, Mr. Blotto or anything of that nature just to keep business in the room, I am confident that the room will have quality shows 90% of the time (nobody's perfect).

- I was the one that insisted on putting in a new sound system. I feel that a lot of damage was done to the room due to outside promoters putting on events with extremely poor sound. I am still working with the owner on improving the sound of the room and the sound system so that we are ready for 2005.

- The owner has assured me that there will be a drink special soon, most likely a $2 can of something yummy.

- The Empty Bottle would never consider booking LSA 7 nights a week because it would be direct competition for the club they already own, so yeah, it would be a conflict for them ... but when bands out-grow bottle they are going to be more than welcome to present shows at Logan. The owner values the business.

- Shows I have presented at LSA that I am most proud of: Sage Francis, Peaches, Dillinger Four, Against Me, Blood Brothers, Incredible String Band, Joanna Newsom, Typical Cats, Gravy Train!!!!, Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio, Mouse on Mars, Captured by Robots, Weakerthans, Devendra Banhart, Battles, Mahjongg, Clutch with Fu Manchu, and High on Fire (which sounded fucking amazing, I might add).

- I beat Bruce in Golden Tee once.

- I love the Empty Bottle, it's a great bar! I was a regular when they were at a different location, before they did shows.

- I don't miss the Fireside.

- My favorite band right now is Lucero.

Feel free to e-mail me with questions. Don't miss U.S. Maple with Pelican next week ... or the Psalm One record release show, both should be hot as shit. Bye bye.

Pete Toalson: I went to high school with a guy named Larry Tate, so in his honor, I should clarify things a bit ...

There is no bitterness on our part about the LSA, and I'm not sure where he sees this. (Why would there be any? We're doing shows as we've done them, the room is better then ever, and so on?) In explaining our decisions as they relate to the LSA, they have nothing to do with MPShows or anyone else. Our reflections and thoughts on the space as a seven-days-a-week venue have been the same all along, before MPShows ever entered the picture.

That we don't think we have the wherewithal to supply enough big, strong artists to fill the space seven-days-a-week has nothing to do with MPShows, and probably speaks instead to our complete lack of ambition in that regard. (We barely have lives as it is.) We're only interested in doing certain things in the space that appeal to us, because - and Brian is right - we're already doing three hundred and sixty other shows a year. Just because we don't think we could make it work, doesn't mean that MPShows can't.

And far from insulting MPShows or mocking their efforts, I actually like the looks of the calendar thus far, and we ourselves have worked with many of the artists that MPShows have brought to the LSA. I was in no way inferring that MPShows would be doing cover bands or other whack jams, but was instead attempting to illustrate our thoughts on the matter back when the owner of the LSA expressed an interest in doing more shows, before MPShows got on board.

So, Larry, really, there's no bitterness here. Miles of smiles over here, I'm telling you.

Oh, and an interesting sidenote? (Maybe not.) The Larry Tate I went to high school with had a subscribtion to Playboy that his MOM paid for! Since Junior High! How dope is that? We thought he was the king, that guy...