I've got a whole city to hold down

November 22, 2004

Year's best

Starting today, we're closing down the public face of Chicagomuzikblog for a long Thanksgiving break.

But while we're not posting here, your boys Jack Flack and Lazlo Hollyfeld will be accepting your contributions to Chicagomuzik's first year-end retrospective.

We'd like to focus on two categories: Best albums by Chicago artists, and best shows you saw (in Chicago, or by Chicago bands) this year. And we're not interested so much in lists as we are in reasons why. A great paragraph on what made one show stand out, or a few crackling lines on a local disc you've loved, are infinitely more interesting than yet another top 10 list.

Beyond that, any thoughts you have on the year in Chicago music (or Chicagomuzik) - involving not just albums and gigs but major developments or trends among local venues, labels, studios, websites, radio stations, writers and publications, or just about anything you can think of - are welcome. And please, tell friends.

IMPORTANT: Send your submissions to chicagomuzik(at) - don't post them in the comment thread. Please include your name and where you live (including neighborhood, if Chicago). We'll pick and choose from your submissions to put together a year-in-review series starting December 1.