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November 15, 2004

Pixies shtick

Your intrepid Jack and Lazlo caught the Pixies at the Aragon last night. Sunday's show was not much different from Saturday's apparently - similar songs, different order. Here's what the crits had to say about Saturday; post your own reviews and discuss in the comments.

"Laughter was lacking by the time the Pixies crumbled acrimoniously in 1992, but there was no shortage of it in the first of an unprecedented five sold-out shows at the 4,500-capacity ballroom. Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering exchanged grins and in-jokes as they sailed through a 90-minute set that essentially reprised the four studio albums and an EP they managed to record before their demise." - Greg Kot, Tribune

"Other than the fog machine and slickly coordinated lights, not much signaled the band's recent elevated stature. In his sweater vest and oxford shirt, singer-guitarist Frank Black looked more like he was heading to a biology club meeting than playing a rock show, but when he opened his mouth to unleash one of many of his trademark yowls, he sounded like an invigorated rock elder statesman who remained fiercely uncompromised. In their 90-minute show, the band played a 28-song set that built slowly, went on long, extended jaunts and ended with a quick dose of sunshine pop." - Mark Guarino, Daily Herald

"The Pixies' desperately awaited reunion did everything it was supposed to do, revived everything it was supposed to revive, relegated over a decade's worth of alt-radio replicas to their places and helped put the Boston quartet's legacy squarely before more mainstream eyes." - Jeff Vrabel, Sun-Times

Oh and here's the Saturday setlist: In Heaven/Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)/Where Is My Mind?/Blown Away/Holiday Song/Mr. Grieves/Ed Is Dead/Planet Of Sound/Bone Machine/I Bleed/Crackity Jones/Monkey Gone To Heaven/Broken Face/Caribou/Velouria/Cactus/No. 13 Baby/Subbacultcha/U-Mass/Gouge Away/Dead/Debaser/Wave Of Mutilation (fast)/Tame/Hey/Gigantic

And for obsessives, a sortable matrix of songs the band played during its spring reunion run.

PS - for those not holding tix who wish they were - pre-show last night, there were plenty to be had on the street. Looked like a buyer's market.