I've got a whole city to hold down

November 11, 2004

DeRo, unbowed

The mini controversy ignited by Kelefa Sanneh calling out Jim DeRogatis as a paragon of rockism seems, maybe predictably, to have only emboldened the Sun-Times scribe. You'll remember that Sanneh quoted a DeRo review of Avril Lavigne from last summer to illustrate his point about crits unfairly judging pop, rap, dance and other acts by a rigid template of rock-centric rules and values. In that light it's impossible not to see DeRo's piece today - an interview with Avril, how 'bout that timing? - as an acidic screw-you to Sanneh: "And she does her own singing, too" crows the headline. Translation: "If you didn't like it before, try this on for size!"

Update: Listen to Sanneh discuss rockism on the Brian Lehrer Show, from New York Public Radio.