I've got a whole city to hold down

November 17, 2004

Cowed by Kelly?

Though both ran stories on the Derrick Mosley extortion case today, neither the Sun-Times or Trib identified the "professional musician" allegedly depicted on video having sex with DeLeon Richards (the wife of New York Yankees slugger Gary Sheffield) and another woman. (Mosley, a Chicagoan, is said to have tried to use the tapes to extract hush money from Sheffield's Chicago-based agent, Rufus Williams.)

In not naming names, could it be the local rags are treading lightly in the wake of a campaign last month by R. Kelly's lawyers to discredit the Sun-Times? 'Cause everybody else and their brother reported that the "professional musician" on the tape is Kelly.

Side note: Sheffield has responded to the allegations that in fact his wife had a sexual relationship with Kelly "more than 10 years ago."

DeLeon Richards is 28.

You do the math.