I've got a whole city to hold down

October 13, 2004

Vote the rock?

From today's Tribune editorial page:

"The Tribune begins its endorsements today in contested elections for the Illinois House. The election is Nov. 2. ... 11th District (Near North Side): Democratic Rep. John Fritchey ... faces low-profile GOP candidate Doug Nelson ... and Libertarian Jason Briggeman, a 27-year-old post-punk rocker."


Interweb research reveals that this...

... is the "post-punk rocker" in question.

According to Google, Briggeman is an economist by trade. And a fellow who spends a disproportionate amount of energy posting comments to conservative political blogs and Smashing Pumpkins fansites.

Under the name Golf, he recorded an album that contains a covers medley of (um) Bush, Green Day and Better Than Ezra. Splendid hinted the disc might be better if it offered "something--preferably a message that hasn't already been spouted a thousand times--to back up [its] arrhythmic guitar playing and out-of-tune singing." You can hear MP3s here, if you dare. (We didn't.)

If nothing else, he is probably the only statehouse hopeful with a Livejournal page. He also has a rarely updated campaign site and a slightly more current blog. Something tells me John Fritchey ain't trembling in fear.

PS - To white males - please stop with "Gummint offa my back" thing already. Please.