I've got a whole city to hold down

October 20, 2004

Shake that thang, politically speaking

For more than a year, DJs CB and Mother Hubbard have been raising the roof and your awareness with their Life During Wartime dance parties at the Darkroom, the Hideout and elsewhere. (You may remember we recapped one in June, when Ted Leo and the Changes played a hush-hush gig.)

But with Election Day - that's Nov. 2, suckas - staring us all in the face (and hopefully not wearing a Bush mask), the LDW crew is bringing things to a head. To wit:

Life During Wartime's Campaign Trail '04:

Thursday 10/21 at Double Door
Har Mar Superstar and the Life During Wartime DJs

Friday 10/22 at the Empty Bottle
VHS Or Beta, the Fever, Assassins and Disc Jockey CB

Saturday 10/23 at the Hideout
Disc Jockey CB, Mother Hubbard and J2K

Sunday 10/24 at Schubas
The Changes, the Joggers, Walter Meego and the Life During Wartime DJs

Personally we can't wait for the Life During Wartime Victory Dance Party. Not to get too jazzed up too soon, but - despite whatever the right-wing spin machine wants to delude you into thinking - things are looking good.

Update: Here's a brief UR Chicago bit on LDW.