I've got a whole city to hold down

September 22, 2004

State of the blogdom

Chicagomuzikblog has somehow survived for more than seven months now.

It has earned printed props from Eric Zorn and Mark Guarino, tangled with Clarence Page and Tony Margherita, and made many good blogfriends.

Someday very soon it will notch visitor number 20,000.

But it seems to be failing to meet its goal, stated in its inaugural post, to stir up discussion about local-scene matters. Instant interactivity, after all, is the great gift of blogdom, what sets our digitized zeroes and ones apart from their printed-page forebears.

Maybe this is a call for more participation on your part, dear reader. Maybe it's a fit of existential angst. Or maybe our electronic bellybutton is just exceptionally linty today. Whatever the case, your input is invited, O silently lurking masses.