I've got a whole city to hold down

September 23, 2004

Pop a top

Remember Pop Vultures, public radio's neophyte pop-toonz-lovin' show we told you about a while back?

It's still not available over the airwaves in Chicago, but here's a profile of its host ... in which our own Jim DeRogatis comes off like his typical curmudgeon.

The article's author implies that DeRo's snipes at public radio in general ("Talk about your stuffed shirts") and Pop Vultures in particular ("They don't know what they're talking about") may be motivated by public radio's turning down his own Sound Opinions show for syndication in the past.

Be that as it may, we're not hearing much similarity between PV and SO - well, apart from the fact that both shows offer human beings engaging in conversation about forms of popular music. If there's room in the world for Al Franken and Ann Coulter or Dan Patrick and Jim Rome, then it seems there's room for both these shows.

(Also on the Sound Opinions tip, Sun-Times tube columnist Robert Feder says the show's WTTW broadcast version has been placed on hiatus while the station seeks new underwriting support.)