I've got a whole city to hold down

August 25, 2004

Now we get it.

We were trying for like a minute to figure out why, in the last two days, dozens and dozens and dozens of internerds have suddenly started hitting this blog via searches for the Perceptionists' Razor mixtape.

Then we found this story on Apparently the title cut, "The Razor," has become the New England Patriots theme song.

Those interested may peep the homemade video for the song here.

Newbs can peruse our previous coverage of the Perceptionists here and also here.

Now, we admit this theme song thing is corny. (Inevitably.) But it doesn't detract from Lif being just about our fave emcee around. Like the man said: "Ads are dads, sitcoms are moms, dollars are our legs and arms and our heart is a bomb."