I've got a whole city to hold down

August 20, 2004

Metal machine music

The Trib says the new Tom Miller disc "could be the most irritating CD ever made."

Tom Miller?

Yes. He's a DePaul prof and chair of the school's sound recording program. And his latest project, called Sounds of Tinnitus, is intended to mimic the, um, sounds of tinnitus.

"Using software designed for composing electronic music," the Trib reports, Miller "came up with rushing winds, high-pitched chirps, ocean waves, distorted voices and warped music" that mimics the auditory affliction.

We can think of a couple Chicagoans in particular who will interested in their fellow Windy Citizen Miller's work. One's Jim Nayder, who might be considering a copyright infringement suit. The other, of course, is Jeff Tweedy, who will want to click here to order a copy of the disc. But Jeff, be sure to the clear the samples this time.