I've got a whole city to hold down

August 05, 2004

If I was a bird and you was a fish

Back in April, we noted the bust-up of local twanglers Kelly Kessler & the Wichita Shut-Ins.

Pleasantly, we can now announce the band's recombination into two new acts. Kessler and bassist Robbie Hunsinger have joined forces with a banjo-pickin' kid named Eric Howell to form the bluegrassy trio Whippoorwill, and sweet singer-slash-snappy dresser Lawrence Peters is fronting the straight-up country outfit Western Standard Time.

Whippoorwill is slated to step out with gigs this Sunday, 8/8 (as part of a WLUW fundraiser - details at the station's site) and in Logan Square on 8/13.

A fabulous prize to the first comment-er who knows the reference in the title of this post. (Announcer: Prize is not fabulous.)