I've got a whole city to hold down

August 26, 2004

Fireside furthermore

Based on this RedEye article and Peter Margasak's afterword in this week's Reader, it's looking more like the Fireside's Jim Lapinski shut down music at the venue, not MP Shows, as some have whispered. RedEye actually spoke to Lipinski for its piece, which is more than anyone else has done to this point; for his part, Margasak says Peterson refused to comment.

Bottom line, the Fireside as Chicago knew it for the last 10 years is gone. What few shows Lapinski plans will not be all-agers, since (he sez) "the kids destroyed the place."

In other words, "Get offa my proppity, ya lil punks!"

Update: Margasak e-mails to stress that he also spoke to Lapinski for his Reader tidbit. Though we never said he didn't, we admit that after reading his piece we weren't too sure one way or the other; the first statement Margasak attributed to the bar owner wasn't a direct quote, but what a third party said Lapinski said.

Update II: New City accomplishes what no else managed: To get Brian Peterson on the record, albeit briefly. Dig it.