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July 15, 2004

Voter festival announced

So a lot of folks (including our own Lazlo Hollyfeld) have lamented the lack of politically minded music events in the Big Windy this election year. To them we say, Quitcherbitchin and behold the Interchange Festival, coming this August.

According to the group's press release there's a few facets to this Interchange festival. Most notable to followers of the Chicago music scene is this series of shows:

Tortoise, Diverse, Town and Country, David Singer & the Sweet Science (Hideout, outdoors, 8/18)
Charles Bissell (Wrens), Ken Vandermark, guest TBA (Schubas, 8/19)
Dolly Varden (Chicago Cultural Center, 8/20)
The M's, Bobby Conn, Sam Prekop (Empty Bottle, 8/20)
Sage Francis, Eyedea & Abilities, the Swiss Army, host Slug (Atmosphere), more TBA (Metro, 8/21)

All the scratch collected from ticket sales for each of these shows will go to a group, Citizen Action/Illinois, that specializes in voter registration and will be signing up Chicago voters through the election.

On top of that, seems there will also be some in-stores and voter registration drives at record joints like Reckless and the Jazz Record Mart.

And the same week, the Interchange group says they will be registering voters at concerts in other parts of the country, too - though that info doesn't appear to be on their website.

Sounds dope, no?
Update: Guess it sounds dope to the Meter, at least.