I've got a whole city to hold down

July 08, 2004

Pardon our drool

First off, there's no Chicago angle to this one that we can figure (other than the book we're about to plug was mentioned on Pitchfork today). It looks so simply freaking good, however, that we're throwing local ties to the wind and posting the poop here anyway.

The book is called Lost in the Grooves. The publisher describes it as "a fascinating guide to the back alleys off the pop music superhighway." Supposedly it will be organized alphabetically, with entries for dozens of albums. In other words, it will be like any other record guide. Except this one is all about lost or forgotten or never-noticed-in-the-first-place masterpieces. More from the publisher: "Disparate genres and eras rub against each other: folk-psych iconoclasts face louche pop crooners; outsider artists set their odd masterpieces down next to obscurities from the stars; lo-fi garage rock cuddles up with the French avant-garde; and roots rock weirdoes trip over bubblegum." Personally, we can't wait.

So here's the publisher's site. And here's the editor's site (which has a list of contributing writers - think everyone from Richard Meltzer to Rick Moody to a million music writers to - aha! A Chicago angle! - Jim O'Rourke). Enjoy.