I've got a whole city to hold down

June 22, 2004

Your Wilco clipping service

So A Ghost Is Born is finally available for you to obtain, in exchange for money, at your local record store, if you still partake of such antiquarian practices.

With the release date, of course, comes an avalanche of interviews and reviews. Here's your handy guide:

Mark Guarino in the Daily Herald (Kot's Learning How to Die also reviewed)
NPR (scroll to bottom for audio link)
The Village Voice
New York Times
Boston Globe
Denver Post
The Washington Times (um, no, it's not written by Danny Davis)

Associated Press

Oh, and Greg Kot will be in the WBEZ studio for their Eight Forty-Eight program at 9:30 am CDT today. You can listen here - Kot has the distinct pleasure of following Jack Ryan to the microphone.