I've got a whole city to hold down

June 08, 2004

Rock Talk Alert

Tonight on Sound Opinions, DeRogatis and Kot's subject is the MC5. The show's spam says this subject was chosen "in honor of [the band's] reunion performance at the Metro this Friday" - though considering that 40% of the band members are dead, and that those 40% include the band's lead singer and guitarist, it's more than questionable to call this the MC5.

At any rate, Wayne Kramer will join the show by phone, so the hosts will have ample opportunity to grill him on this - you know how they hate old money-grubbing boomers, right? Right? Oh and that's not all - they'll get to ask Kramer the tough questions about his increasingly ugly brouhaha over the long-awaited documentary The MC5: A True Testimonial. (Peter Margasak's recent Reader cover story blew this controversy wide open, but it's not available online without paying - and we're nothing if not cheap - so here's Susan Whitall's account in the Detroit News.)

At least, they'll have the chance to ask those questions. Whether they will remains to be seen. The back-slapping tone of that spam isn't too promising.

Update: Here's Kot's recent Trib piece on the Five and related issues, mentioned in the comments below.