I've got a whole city to hold down

June 28, 2004

Papers on Patti's politics

Patti Smith's "two-hour set [at Navy Pier last Thursday] was loosely organized around a protest theme that had genuine moments of insight and power," wrote Greg Kot in the Tribune. "But by the end of the night, Smith's viewpoints about President Bush, the war in Iraq and the forthcoming election smacked of overkill, if not preaching to the converted."

The Sun-Times stung even harder: "Considering such realities as a runaway war, disappearing civil liberties and the corrosive effects of corporatization on nearly every aspect of American life, Smith's songs can be comfort and encouragement," Anders Smith Lindall wrote. "But if they want to make change, folks of Smith's mind-set need to hear more, and do more, than that."