I've got a whole city to hold down

June 04, 2004

The mouse that roa--oh forget it

It's Danger Mouse with Jemini tonight at LSA, and to nobody's surprise, the local pages are chockablock with love for the man known to his mother as Brian Burton.

We've got just two nits to pick.

One, to Mr. Margasak and Mr. Chamberlain, the opener is this guy, not that guy.

Two, to the headline writers of the world, can we please try to be a little more original than topping Danger Mouse articles with the slug "The Mouse That Roared"? The Trib did it with Kot's print piece and Matt McGuire's Metromix interview - and so did everyone from Spin to the Miami Herald, the Oregonian to something called Tech Live, and about 15 dozen others.